Year 2: Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Year 2: Melbourne Zoo Excursion


As part of our Science unit students will be exploring animal habitats and all they need to thrive and survive. Students will be observing and collecting information to give them a better understanding of the natural world.

When: Wednesday 22nd August
Where: Melbourne Zoo
Mode of Transport: Bus
Cost: Nil (on this occasion it is covered by the school fees)
Lunch: Lunch, snack and water bottle in a small back pack (NO SCHOOL BAG)
Uniform / Additional Requirements:  SPORTS UNIFORM

Due to the unpredictability of Melbourne’s weather, it is recommended your child brings with them a poncho or raincoat.

Parent Helpers: 

We would very much appreciate the assistance of some parents on the day so that we can keep our groups to a workable size.  If you would like to help and have a valid “Working with Children Check” certification, which has been registered at the school office,  and have been through the St Peter’s Volunteer Interview process, please indicate below and your child’s teacher will contact you. Due to the responsibility involved in supervising a small group of children, you will not be able to bring along pre schoolers.

Parents assisting with this excursion will be required to attend a compulsory briefing session on Wednesday 22nd August at 8.20am in 2A Classroom.

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