Student Leaders: Children’s Mission Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral

Student Leaders: Children’s Mission Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral

24/10/2018 - 8:15 am

Your son/daughter has been selected as one of ten students to represent St Peter Apostle Primary School at the Children’s Mission  Mass.

This year Catholic Mission focuses on the poorest and remotest communities in Cambodia. Money raised will go towards getting children to school and helping them to stay in school. It will be used for meals for children, payment for teachers and scholarships. We will celebrate the work of Catholic Mission at Mass with students from all over Melbourne.

When: Wednesday 24th October
Where: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne

We aim to be back at school by 1.45pm. We will be walking back to school from

the train station. Mass begins at 11.00am.

If you have difficulty getting to the station in the morning, please contact

Miss Costello on 0419 534 997

Cost: Nil
Uniform /Additional Requirements: Full Summer Uniform including Hat

Students will need to bring disposable lunch, snacks and drink bottle in a

small backpack.

Due to the unpredictability of Melbourne’s weather, it is recommended your

child brings with them a poncho or raincoat.

Supervising teachers: Miss Costello & Mrs Colla

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