Year 1: MCG / Melbourne Sports Museum excursion

Year 1: MCG / Melbourne Sports Museum excursion


As part of our inquiry into the diversity of the world’s places, peoples, cultures and environments, the students will be participating in an excursion to a significant place within Melbourne: the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). During their time there, they will have the opportunity to explore the stadium and how it has changed over time, why it is such an important place within the Melbourne community and the reason as to why it is there. Students will also be visiting the National Sports Museum (which is also located at the MCG) and exploring the many activities that have occurred at the grounds and continue to happen to this day.

When: Monday 12th November
Where: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) / 

National Sports Museum

Brunton Avenue, Melbourne

Mode of Transport: Bus
Cost: Nil (covered by the School Excursion Levy)
Uniform /Additional Requirements: Full Sports Uniform

Students will need to bring lunch, snacks and drink bottle in a

in a disposable bag or small backpack.

Due to the unpredictability of Melbourne’s weather, it is recommended your

child brings with them a poncho or raincoat.

For this excursion, we do not require the assistance of parents.

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