Year 6 Fun Day / Last Day of School

Year 6 Fun Day / Last Day of School


As the Year 6 students’ time at St Peter’s is nearing the end, we are going to celebrate their success in a fun, social setting outside of school before they make their transition into secondary school next year.  As this year’s venue for Year 6 Fun Day is being held at Adventure Park, your child will be required to participate in a variety of water activities. For further information on the available activities please refer to the website below.

When: Monday 17th December
Where: Adventure Park

1249 Bellarine Highway, Wallington


Mode of Transport: Bus
Cost: Nil
Uniform /

Additional Requirements:

  • wear Sports uniform including a hat.

    Students are encouraged to wear their bathers and sunscreen.

  • bring a dry pair of underwear, towel and suitable sun protection for

    outdoor swimming. (Swimming is the main activity.)

  • bring any medications taken during the day and give to your teacher

    in a labelled bag or container.

  • bring ventolin and other asthma medication.

Lunch: Lunch will be provided
Dismissal: From School Hall between 4.15pm – 4.30pm

To assist us with the planning of these events we are asking that you indicate your child’s attendance by Tuesday 16th October.

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