Year 6 Hogwart’s Wizard Tournament

Year 6 Hogwart’s Wizard Tournament


As a faith based school community we incorporate social justice into our daily learning and this year’s focus is on providing assistance to families in need during the winter months in partnership with St Vinnies. To support those in need we will be asking all students to bring along some non-perishable food items.

Developing a community spirit our student Liturgy Leaders; Joann and Philip, have designed a Harry Potter themed activity day. This is a wizard dress-up day and students are asked to don their capes, hats and wands for a fun filled day.

Throughout the day the students will participate in:

  • Sorting hat activity. Leaders to create hat experience using technology to enhance the experience.
  • Houses Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryfindor. Team building activity: ‘The Devil’s Snare’.
  • Team Trivia “The History of Magic’. Plates of fresh fruit and vegetables to be distributed to each team during the event.
  • Relay: ‘Potions class’. Each team has to collect ingredients from around the school, one at a time and it’s the first to finish making the potion wins.

As part of this celebration as the Grade Six community we ask that students bring along a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable on Thursday, 26th July to contribute towards a shared healthy food snack during the trivia activity.

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