Year Prep: Library Excursion Parent Volunteer Briefing Session

Year Prep: Library Excursion Parent Volunteer Briefing Session

26/11/2018 - 3:20 pm

Location: Year Prep A Classroom (Room 7)

As part of our Geography Unit, Foundation students have been identifying places in their local environment. They are learning that special places are planned to consider the physical, emotional and wellbeing needs of the community, depending on need and interest. On the excursion to our local library, the students will identify landmarks on route and experience some of the services and programs offered by the library.

We would very much appreciate the assistance of some parents on the day so that we can keep our groups to a workable size.

If you would like to help and;

  • have a valid ‘Working with Children Check’ (WCC) certification, which has been registered at the school office and is listed in your CareMonkey profile, and
  • have been through the St Peter’s Volunteer Interview process

Your child’s teacher will contact you if you have been selected to assist.

Due to the responsibility involved in supervising a group of children, you will not be able to bring along pre-schoolers.

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