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The School Canteen independently operates as a service to the school community with the assistance of volunteers and is managed by the St. Peter’s Ladies Auxiliary.

Phone:  9749 3558

In accordance with our Healthy Eating Policy, we believe a healthy eating plan is fundamental not only to add life to years but also to add years to life. We are committed to setting a good example by promoting and offering healthy eating options.  We aim to make healthy eating an easy and informed choice for the entire school community.





Our responsiblities are:

  • To ensure that all food and drink available at the canteen will be approved Green or Amber category foods based on the Victorian School Canteen Association’s Buyers Guide which accords with government guidelines.
  • To ensure that the canteen will provide Green category foods 5 days a week with Amber category foods to be available on only three days a week. The only exception to this rule is non Amber food days in excess of 30°C (as determined by the canteen manager in consultation with the school principal), on these days the canteen may sell frozen ice blocks/icy poles.
  • The Canteen is open each day during First Break (11.00am – 11.40am) and as such volunteers are required to fill the roster each day. Parental help is needed for the canteen to run successfully.
  • Price lists are made available at the beginning of each term.

Lunch orders are to be written on a brown paper bag (with child’s name, grade and amount of money enclosed) are to be placed their class canteen tubs at the beginning of the day.

2020 Canteen Price List
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