Year 2: Performing Arts – Drama performance

Year 2: Performing Arts – Drama performance


Location: St Peter's Hall

This term the Performing Arts program is based on Drama.  The Year Two students are learning to use voice, facial expression, movement and space to imagine and improvise characters and situations to present the drama, “Tiddalik.”

Students have created a character crown and will use it as part of their costume for the play.


On behalf of the students, I would like to invite you to the Year Two performance of Tiddalik’  on MONDAY 17TH JUNE  in the Parish Hall. 

Please use the glass entry doors off the car park to enter the hall.


Performance times are:

2A   9.00am                      2B 9.40am                 2C 10.20

You are most welcome to stay for all three performances!  However, if you need to leave please exit the hall before the next performance begins.  Thank you!


Students are asked to wear their sport tracksuit pants, a coloured top, sport jacket and runners.

If your child does not have that particular coloured top they can just wear their sport uniform top!

Please see the Cast sheet below for details regarding the colour of your child’s top.


Please note that due to strict regulations no video recording or photography is permitted during the performance.  

Thank you for your anticipated support regarding this matter.  I will be including a short video of your child’s work in their Performing Arts Term 2 Learning Journey.


Tracksuit pants with a coloured top and an Animal Crown made during class with coloured top…






COSTUME: T-Shirt/Sport pants

Narrators PART 1:  Giang

PART 2:  Diana

PART 3:  Saahil

PART 4:  Hayley

PART 1:  Madison

PART 2:  Madilyn

PART 3:  Sachee

PART 4:   Faith

PART 1:  Chloe

PART 2:  Daniel F

PART 3: Christian

PART 4:  Sasandhi

Your favourite colour T-Shirt

Tiddalik Juan Jaiya Kavya Green
Wombat Mary Malika Willow Black or White
Echidna Lukas Josh Daniel M Black or White
Kookaburra Jessica Ebenezer Rylan Black or White
Kangaroo William Nevaeh Tiyana Yellow or Red
Crow Sebastian William Aiden Black
Lizard Jacob Tristan Nehemi Green or Black
Koala Katim & Jasmyn Giuliana & Emerald Chrislyn & Kanika Black or White or Grey
Frog Jadhyn & Alex Michael & Jaxon Kate & Piper Green
Possum Lily Yvonne & Ava Priscilla & Jane Black or White or Grey
Cockatoo Isabella & Lucia Zach Joanna & Sharleen White
Rosella Hansini Isaiah Jacinta Red or Blue
Crocodile Cedric Ethan Kai Green or Black
Emu Brang Sue Klay Harsukh Black or White
Eel Ruby Isabella Sasha White or Green
Sound Techs PART 1:  Sreehari

PART 2:  Rio

PART 3:  James

PART 4:  Ashpreet

PART 1:   Jerry

PART 2:   Kyle

PART 3:  Natalia

PART 4:  Jazmine

PART 1:  Michael

PART 2:  Abbey

PART 3:  Alex

PART 4:  Elisha

Language Language