Year 3-6: House Athletics Carnival

Year 3-6: House Athletics Carnival


All children from grades 3 – 6 will be involved in the House Athletics day/trials on Monday 20th May.

Our House Athletics day / trials will be held at Victoria University Werribee. Our backup day if the weather is unsuitable will be Tuesday 21st May.

When: Monday 20th May.
Where: Victoria University Athletics Track,

Hoppers Lane, Werribee

Mode of Transport: Bus

Departure time: 8.45am

Cost: $5.00 per child
Uniform: Full sports uniform

They may wear a t-shirt or ribbons in their hair representing their House colour, but no face paint or coloured hairspray.

Lunch /

Additional Information:

Children must bring their own snack, lunch and drinks for the day.

Please make sure your child has packed a coat in the event the weather is extremely cold.

Please note that when selecting the District Team, results from the day will be taken into account, however High Jump selection is based on results taken during sport lessons. This was to ensure that the students had multiple jumps, as on the day they will only be allowed one jump due to time restrictions. This decision was made to ensure fairness and the students have been made aware of this in their lessons.

It is an expectation that all children attend, as this is part of the school curriculum. We encourage all children to participate, display good sportsmanship and have fun!


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