Year 3: Scienceworks Excursion

Year 3: Scienceworks Excursion


On this day, they will experience the show ‘TILT’ in the planetarium as well as have time to do some general viewing of Scienceworks.

In this show students explore how the four seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis combined with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how the seasons and length of day vary across the Earth, from the poles to the equator. They examine the apparent path of the Sun and the tilt of the Earth to find out about the day-night cycle and why it is different at different places on Earth and at different times of the year. They understand how the seasons are opposite in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and are caused by two factors, the tilt of the Earth and the path of the Earth around the Sun.

Wednesday 22nd May
Scienceworks Museum

2 Booker Street, Spotswood

Mode of Transport: Bus
Cost:  Nil (on this occasion the cost is covered by the School Fees)
Uniform: Sports Uniform and Hat

Due to the unpredictability of Melbourne’s Weather, it is recommended your child brings a raincoat or rain poncho.

Lunch:  Students are required to bring a packed lunch, water bottle and healthy snack in a small backpack.

We would very much appreciate the assistance of some parents on the day so that we can keep our groups to a workable size. If you would like to help and have a valid “Working with Children Check” certification, which has been registered in CareMonkey, and have been through the St Peter’s Volunteer Interview process, please indicate accordingly below and your child’s teacher will contact you.  Due to the responsibility involved in supervising a group of children, you will not be able to bring along pre-schoolers.

Also note that all parents assisting with this excursion will be required to attend a compulsory briefing session on Tuesday 21st May at 3:15pm in the Year 3 Learning Space.

In order to confirm numbers etc consent must be submitted by Friday 17th May.

The Year Three Team

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