Year 3 – Year 6: Swimming program

Year 3 – Year 6: Swimming program

From: 03/02/2020

To: 13/02/2020


Swimming program 2020 Bus Shuttle timetable 


Bus Shuttle times to AquaPulse Swimming Pool Time of Lesson Date Grades/ Numbers (approximate) Bus Shuttle times back to St. Peter’s
8:55am 9:15am – 9:45am

2 Week Swimming Program

Week 2 –
3rd Feb- 13th Feb

3A (24) 3B (24)- 48 10:05am
9.25am 9:45am – 10:15am 3C (25) 6C (25)- 50 10:35am
9.55am 10.15am – 10.45am 6A (26) 4B (23)- 49 11.05am
10.25am 10.45am-11:15am 6B (26) 4C (23)- 49 11.35am
10.55am 11.15am-11.45am 5C (25) 4A (24)- 49 12.05am
11.25am 11.45am-12:15pm 5A (25) 5B (25)- 50 12:35am

The intensive swimming program for Grades Three to Six (in 2020) will be conducted at the WynActive Aquapulse Pool, Derrimut Road, from Monday 3rd February 2020 to Thursday 13th February 2020, inclusively.

The swim trials for those students who qualify will be held on the Friday 14th February, 2020.

Permission to participate must be completed by Friday 13th December, 2019

The children will travel by bus to the pool and the swimming timetable will be release in the next few weeks. The children will return to school approximately 30 minutes after the lesson concludes.


A ‘Parent Assessment letter’ will be going home with your child (this week – 25-29Nov/19) to assist the swim school with their initial planning of the program and to give them a general indication of swim levels. This is a guide only as they will be assessing students in their first lesson. This form must be returned to the school by Friday 13th December, 2019.


During the Swimming Program, the children are expected to wear their Sports Uniform every day.  It is a good idea to wear bathers underneath the Sports Uniform and to bring a labelled bag (a supermarket bag is fine!) for towel, goggles, underwear etc. It is important for parents to LABEL EVERY ITEM of their child’s clothing as this may save the frustration of searching the Lost Property Box later on. Children with long hair are advised to have it tied off the face and to wear a swimming cap if possible.

It is each child’s responsibility to come prepared for swimming lessons each day.  Any children who forget their swimming bag will not be permitted to swim that day. Please note that, in the past, there has been a great deal of inconvenience in the office caused by children wishing to contact their parents because they have forgotten their swimming gear.  Consequently we are unable to continue to do this, so to avoid disappointment, please encourage your child to be organised. If your child is unable to swim on any given day during the program, he/she will still travel to the pool with the class to be supervised by the class teacher.

A parent helper note for parents who wish to help supervise children travelling on the buses will be released over the next few weeks.

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