Year 4: School Sleepover

Year 4: School Sleepover


As part of the Grade 4 Inquiry Program, and in preparation for future camping excursions, the students are invited to a one-night sleepover at St. Peters.

Students will need to bring their overnight gear to school in the morning and during the day they will be involved in an excursion to Narana, Geelong. The excursion will support our Identity unit on exploring the history of Australia. Upon their arrival back at school, students will remain on the premises, participating in community building activities. They will share a meal together, organise their own belongings for the night, sleep in the grade 3 & 6 area (girls and boys housed separately) and have breakfast together before going home. Food will be supplied (unless otherwise organised with parents due to allergies). Therefore students are not to bring ANY food with them, except their normal school lunch for Friday. As this sleepover is about building your child’s levels of independence, we encourage you to have them pack their own bag in preparation.

As we are on an excursion from 9:00am – 3:30pm we will require some parent helpers to attend the excursion with us. Please note parents helpers are not required upon arrival back at school. If you have a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) and are able to help on the day with the excursion please indicate accordingly. Parent helpers will be required to attend an excursion briefing at 3:15pm on Thursday 2nd May in the 4B classroom.

The sleepover part of the day will be covered by school staff to allow the children to develop their independence.

The Parents and Friends have generously donated money towards this sleepover to cover the cost of dinner, supper and breakfast.

Camp Excursion Date: Friday 3rd May

Casual clothing to be worn on both Friday & Saturday (closed toe shoes)

Departure Time: 9:00am
Venue: Narana, Geelong
Mode of Transport: Bus
Lunch: Students are to bring their own lunch and snacks for Friday
Sleepover at: St Peter Apostle Primary School
Collection time: 8:30am


Cost: No Payment Required

(the cost of this excursion is covered by the School Excursion Levy)

What to bring:

  • A comfortable change of clothes for Saturday morning
  • PJ’s
  • A jumper and long pants to wear in the evening (depending on weather and what they come dressed to school in. Jumpers can also be worn over PJs if the evening is cold – especially when going to and from the toilet.)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, roll on deodorant – please no sprays)
  • Pump up single mattress or thin mat for sleeping on (optional) – Children will need to blow these up themselves.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Torch (optional)

To ensure that we can be fully prepared for catering requirements,



We are aware that many children are involved in extracurricular activities on both Friday nights and Saturday mornings.  The objective of our sleepover is for the children to build a sense of community and have the experience of sleeping over a night away from home in order to prepare them for camp in Grade Five.

In order for their experience to be authentic and challenging, we cannot permit children coming and going from the activities on Friday night as this would be too disruptive for the programme. However, if your child is involved in a particularly important final/game on the Saturday morning and you would need to pick them up earlier than the sleepover officially finishes, please could you put this in writing to let the classroom teacher know in advance.

Teachers will need to know if there are any children who need to leave early by FRIDAY 5th APRIL


If your child requires medication on the night of camp, or the following morning, you will need to put clearly in writing the dosage and time to be given with signed permission for the teachers to do this. A sheet containing all this information will be sent home prior to the Sleepover. School policy prohibits children from keeping medication in their bags or self-administering any medication.

Sleeping Habits

If there is any other overnight sleeping habits that we would need to be aware of please get in contact with your child’s classroom teacher by FRIDAY 5th APRIL.


This is a timely reminder for all parents to check their contact details and the child’s medical and allergy records are up to date on CareMonkey. Staff use the information on these forms to ensure that our children are safe when in our care.

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