Year 5: Junior Ninja Warrior

Year 5: Junior Ninja Warrior


In light of the recent T.V program ‘Ninja Warrior’ and the impact it has had on children, I will be running a ‘Junior Ninja Warrior’ lesson for each year level over 2 weeks. The lesson will be run during their P.E. lesson and they will complete a giant obstacle course while being timed. The obstacle course will consist of school sport equipment and will combine a variety of fundamental motor skills as well as agility. There will be a smaller course for the Prep- Grade 2 children where they will be assisted by the sport captains.

The timetable is as follows:

Grade 6 Tuesday 20th August
Grade 5 Wednesday 21st August
Grade 1 Thursday 22nd August
Grade 3 Monday 26th August
Grade 2 Tuesday 27th August
Grade 4 Wednesday 28th August
Grade Prep

Thursday 29th August

The students can come dressed as a ‘Ninja Warrior’ on their day by wearing athletic clothing or ‘ninja’ clothing with their runners.

Please note that it is not a ‘free dress’ day. Jeans, dresses and skirts are not to be worn.

If children are undecided about their clothing, they are able to wear their sport uniform.

No payment is required for the day.

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