Year 5: Sovereign Hill Camp

Year 5: Sovereign Hill Camp

From: 19/02/2020

To: 21/02/2020

As part of our school curriculum, it is customary for the Year Five students to attend a camp. For the 2020 school year, our camp will take place earlier than usual, meaning that the majority of the planning will need to be undertaken this year.

The Grade Five camp involves students going to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat where they will be experiencing first-hand life on the Goldfields in the 1850’s. This experience is part of the Grade 5 History curriculum and aims to provide the students with a deeper understanding of our unique Australian History. Camp is compulsory for all students and will be the basis for much of the work undertaken during Term One.

When: Wednesday 19th February at approximately 9.00am
Return: Friday 21st February at approximately 5.30pm
Cost: $250.00



This price is based on full participation with children being temporarily covered by Catholic Church Insurances.

We are aware that this amount is a sizeable cost when added to the normal budget, especially as it will coincide with end/beginning-of-year costs. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is simply to inform you of the dates and the costs associated with camp as early as possible. Full payment of the camp is due on Friday 7th February. Unfortunately, payments cannot be made this year.

Next Steps:

  • Indicate that your child will be attending the camp via this CareMonkey note
  • The school will host a Parent Information Session on this camp early in Term 4. This meeting will give you an overview of the camp and it’s importance as well as addressing concerns you may face. More information regarding this will be sent out early Term 4 via CareMonkey
  • Get in early and check that all medical records, dietary requirements and plans such as asthma plans are up to date on CareMonkey.  There will be no additional forms to fill in for camp for any of this information – all relevant information will be taken from CareMonkey.

If you have any concerns about your child attending camp please make an appointment to see either Miss Karen Clarke, Grade 5 Learning Leader, or  Mrs Karen Wilson, School Principal by Friday 11th October, 2019.

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