Year Prep: Performing Arts – Drama Performance

Year Prep: Performing Arts – Drama Performance


This term the Performing Arts program is based on Drama.  The Foundation students are learning to use voice, facial expression, movement and space to improvise characters, to retell the story, ‘The Zoo’s Annual Piggyback Race.’

In Visual Arts the students are exploring colour and texture by looking at the work of the artist Eric Carle. Students have created an animal mask and will use it as part of their costume for the play.

On behalf of the students, we would like to invite you to the Foundation performance of ‘The Zoo’s Annual Piggyback Race’ on Thursday 20th June at 2.15-3.10pm in the Parish Hall.  

Please use the glass entry doors off the car park to enter the hall. Doors will open at 2pm.



Students are asked to wear their sport tracksuit pants, a coloured top, sport jacket and runners.

Please see the Cast sheet below for details regarding the colour of your child’s top. If your child does not have that particular coloured top they can just wear their sport uniform top!

Please note that due to strict regulations no video recording or photography is permitted during the performance.  

Thank you for your anticipated support regarding this matter.  I will be including a photo and a short video of your child’s work in their Performing Arts Term 2 Learning Journey.


Tracksuit pants with a coloured top and an Animal Mask created in Visual Arts classes.



CAST Short or long sleeved top- Colour
BEAR Rose Mary Addison Zenith Thomas Brown or Black
BEE Damian Xander Carter Seng Twan Yellow or Black
MONKEY Charusmita Kaleb Grace Brown or Black
PENGUIN Elyse Olivia Toa Xavier White or Black
SNAKE Chloe Elizabeth Divleen Hriday Black or Green
RABBIT Hannah Evie Jayden Mackenzie White or black



CAST Short or long sleeved top-Colour
WOLF Zane Richard Isabella Alice Gideon & Raziya Brown or Black
OSTRICH Jenny Lachlan Yashica Natalia Arfah Grey or Black
GIRAFFE Serena Aida Emmanuel Veronica & Rainah Frederik & Joseph Orange or Yellow
PIG Dinidhi Alexander Pink or White
ZOO KEEPER Vedha Addison Christian Green or Black



CAST      Short or long sleeved top-
HIPPO Ruby Chloe Olivia Fiona Grey or Black
TURTLE Esther Brang Daniella Mila Black or Green
RHINOCEROS William Rounak Costa Naw Ring Grey or Black
ZEBRA Whitney Mitchell Isabella Max Shae Black or White
ALLIGATOR Zofia Seng Sebastian Nishad Abigail Black or Green



CAST      Short or long sleeved top-
LION Riley Alisha Yuvraj Thomas Yellow or Red
TIGER Harper Timothy Isak Alexander Rosie & Abhinav Yellow or Black
ELEPHANT Lydia Mila Elsa Tiara Grey or White
MOUSE Hephziba Jesinta Liam Evanna White or Black
KANGAROO Tianna Charlotte Sophia Elina Yellow or Red


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