Year Prep – Year 1: Cultural Infusions incursion

Year Prep – Year 1: Cultural Infusions incursion


As part of our Inquiry Unit, we are looking at different cultures, including that of the first Australians. We have invited the people from Cultural Infusions to come into the school and run a whole day program for the students in Prep and Year 1.

This all day program will have students immersed in Australian Indigenous culture. Very popular for its interactivity and for engaging closely with students, this program encompasses storytelling, face painting, arts, dance and a didgeridoo music showcase.

Students will develop a new understanding of the rich and ancient traditions of Australia’s first inhabitants.

Part of this incursion will involve face painting. The presenters use Derivan brand face paints (for more information on this product, please access this website). Children require parental permission to participate in this activity.

 For this incursion we do not require the assistance of parents.

When: Wednesday 15th May (all day)
Where: School
Cost: The cost of this incursion will be covered by the Incursion Levy
Uniform: Students wear sports uniform
Language Language