Orientation Program

Orientation Program

We want each child to have the best start to school life possible.

In order to do this we hold three (3) orientation sessions for each child during term 4 (October – December).

It is extremely important that the children attend the orientation sessions, as this gives the school the opportunity place each child in the best possible learning class for them.


1st Orientation

Children attend school with a small group of children. During this time your child will be observed as they participate in some simple activities.


2nd Orientation

For this session, the children will be organised into three normal class-sized groups and the current Prep teachers will work with them, observing how the children respond and interact with each other.  


3rd Orientation

After the first two sessions, we then place your child into the most effective learning group. Your child will then be invited to join their future classmates and teacher for their final day of orientation.


Parent Sessions

Whilst the children are participating in the 1st and 2nd orientation sessions, parents are encouraged to join the adult information sessions that run at the same time.

This will allow parents to learn a little bit more about what happens around St Peter Apostle. It is also a great opportunity to ask any questions over a cuppa!

2nd Hand Uniform Shoppe

The Ladies Auxiliary are on hand in the 2nd Hand Uniform Shoppe during the orientation sessions.

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