Education in Faith


At St. Peter’s we learn about the Catholic faith, we express our beliefs through prayer and we try to live justly every day, following the example set by St Peter Apostle. We develop an awareness of the presence of God in self, others, the faith community and the world.

Celebrating our Faith

We celebrate our faith through:

  • Meditation, Mass and daily prayer
  • Social Justice activities
  • making connections between faith and other areas of the curriculum


Curriculum Overview



We follow the directions of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and use the Coming to Know, Worship and Love curriculum at all levels of our school.  We offer opportunities for students to develop their knowledge of scripture, prayer, rituals of the Catholic faith including and making good decisions for their lives.





Our programme:

  • draws on the life experiences of the student,
  • gives knowledge of Church teachings, tradition and history,
  • explores the Gospels and other scripture readings,
  • provides opportunities for individual and community prayer,
  • prepares students to participate in the sacramental life of the Church,
  • encourages students to live a life of faith, following the example of St Peter.

All students participate in Religious Education classes.

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