Enrolment Information

Enrolment Zone

St Peter Apostle Primary School is zoned for the purpose of enrolment. The school zone is defined by Catholic Education Melbourne and it is from this zone we draw most of our enrolments and to which we give priority of enrolment. 

Enrolment Zone for St Peter Apostle Primary School

Families who reside outside the St Peter Apostle School Zone

Families who reside outside of the St Peter Apostle Primary School Zone, and are seeking enrolment at our school, must seek permission in writing from the Parish Priest to which they are zoned.

To find the closest Catholic Primary School near you, please click on this link. You will be able to search by School name, Suburb or postcode.

How can I find a Catholic School near me?

Enrolment will only be offered if; 

  • there is a place available AND 
  • you have been granted permission to enrol outside of your Parish. This letter must accompany your Application for Enrolment.
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