BYOD Buyer’s Portal

Your participation in the BYOD buyer’s portal is optional, although priority will be given to set up devices purchased from portal over those that have not. If you choose to purchase a device from the portal you will be given two payment options. One is a ‘buy now’ option and the other is a 12 month ‘payment’ option. Please be aware that the finance option is interest free, however Learning With Technologies have included a merchant fee of $60, as well as a card set up fee of $99, which you need to access the finance. This means that you will pay an extra $159 for the device if you choose the finance ‘payment’ option.

Once the device has been purchased for your child, it will be sent to the school within 3 weeks. The technician at St Peter’s will register the google chrome licence and image the device so that it is set up to operate on our system. On purchase of this device, you become the owner of the device. St Peter’s has no ownership of the device.

Click this link to purchase a device through the portal.
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