Learning & Teaching

Performing Arts

At St Peter’s we have a vibrant and contemporary arts program. Students are engaged in visual and performing arts classes taken by specialist teachers.


  • Students participate in a fortnightly lesson from Year Prep to Year Six.
  • Students learn about increasingly complex forms of music as they make and respond to different musical styles and genres, from a range of historical and cultural contexts.
  • Students learning music listen, perform and compose.
  • In Music, students’ exploration and understanding of the elements of music, musical conventions, styles and forms expands with their continued active engagement with music.
  • Music is learned through developing skills and knowledge associated with the elements of music.

How it happens in the classroom

  • Through Songs and Activities the students are introduced to the basic concepts of Tempo, Beat, Pitch, Rhythm and Dynamics. Year Prep to Year 4
  • Drama and Christmas Performance
  • Year 5 and 6 students are introduced to Basic Music Theory

Programs and Assessment

  • Main Program used is Music Classroom and Music Theory Grade 1
  • Where possible the content supports the curriculum in the classroom
  • Students are assessed regularly through class activities and senior students through performance


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