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School App

The St Peter’s Smartphone App is free and available now for download either in the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android devices.

Access the app via the direct links below, or by searching for our school name.


App Store:



Google Play:



The app’s features include:

  • NOTIFICATIONS panel – shows all alerts and reminders that have been “pushed” to the school community
  • NEWS panel has all the latest news fed direct from the school website
  • CALENDAR panel with upcoming school events
  • PUBLICATIONS panel is a library of documents such as newsletters, forms and policies
  • GALLERIES panel which showcases the St Peter school life through image and video
  • CONTACT panel has the school information and link to website

When you click on the ‘+’ it will engage the following:

  • WEBSITE panel links to the School Website
  • SOCIAL panel which is not applicable at this stage
  • SETTINGS panel lets you specify the Year Levels for notifications that will be “pushed” to the school community (more details over page)
Set up YEAR LEVEL preferences
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