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Anaphylaxis Policy Anti-bullying Policy (including cyberbullying) MACS Attendance Policy MACS Duty of Care Guidelines MACS Pastoral Care of Students Policy Student Behaviour Policy Supervision Policy Medical Management Policy Administration of Medication to Students Policy Medication Authority Form Medical Management Communication Plan Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy Child Safety Code of Conduct Engaging Families in Child Safety Policy PROTECT Identifying and Responding to Abuse Reporting Obligations Reportable Conduct Policy Complaints Handling Policy Working With Children Check Policy St Peter Apostle Parent Guardian Carer Code of Conduct Democratic Principles Statement School Philosophy Statement School Advisory Council Manual School Advisory Council Terms of Reference Working together in a Mission Code of Conduct for School Advisory Council Members MACS First Aid Policy and Guidelines School ICT Acceptable Usage Policy MACS Governance Statement Enrolment Policy Enrolment Procedure Expulsion of Students Policy Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy MACS - Privacy Policy School Enrolment Agreement Student Code of Conduct Policy Suspension of Students Policy Student Acceleration and Retention Policy MACS-SchoolICT-Acceptable-Usage-Policy
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